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Metis Alumni Panel: Topic Into the Files Science Employment Search

Metis Alumni Panel: Topic Into the Files Science Employment Search

So that you can prepare young people for the job market, we hosted an alumni panel discussion in our NYC classroom last month, during which a couple of recent students:   Lyle Payne Morgan Smith, Data files Analyst in BuzzFeed,   Erin Dooley, Research Analyst at NYC Department involving Education, and  Gina Soileau, Teaching Assistant at Metis, spoke candidly about their work searches, occupation interview experiences, plus current opportunities.

See down the page for a transcription of the argument, which offers standpoint and wisdom into the files science occupation search method. It was answered by Jennifer Raimone, Metis Career Specialist.

Jennifer: Tonight, we decided we want to focus on how Metis has ready you all for the position search, just for landing a job, and for doing work within a data science area or at a data technology team.

We have to begin with the question: the way did Metis help prepare you for the task you’re on now?

Lyle:   I’m an information Analyst during BuzzFeed. Prior to coming to Metis, I was basically a business expert for a contacting firm aimed at media.

Metis gave me the analytical product set as well as technical tool set Required. And really, while I don’t make use of that much device learning during my job now, understanding it allows me to have got conversations with folks who are taking your, and helps people understand with regards to could be relevant.

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